Chase Johnson Regional champion 120lbs. #LionPride
15 days ago, Courtney Marsh
Kegen Wheeler 3rd at Regionals 113 lbs. #LionPride
15 days ago, Courtney Marsh
Juanita Morris had asked me to give all senior students a form to fill out and turn back in to her so that she could make senior spotlights for the Minneapolis Messenger. I wondered if you, the parents, would remind them to fill it out and return the form to her. I have attached a copy of the survey, and your student has the document. On behalf of the Messenger, thank you for your help.
17 days ago, Jan Clark
senior survey
USD 239 February 12th, 2024 Board Meeting
18 days ago, North Ottawa County Schools
HS Bball vs Rep Co tonight! Last home game of the year! Starts at 4pm in the new gym. JVG, 1/2 JVB, VG, VB!
19 days ago, Ryan Mortimer
All of the MJH wrestlers fought hard last night and represented their school and team well. Thank you to everyone who cheered them on and worked hard to make it a successful tournament! #LionPride
19 days ago, Courtney Marsh
MJH Wrestling medalists from the home tournament: 1st R Abell, R Johnson, I Larson, K Fruits, Q Bohl, K Sly; 2nd K Deronnet, C Courson, L Christensen, K Smith, P Villalpando, E Wheeler, B copple, A Sharp, A Just; 3rd B Pagel, A Arnold, C Cline. #LionPride
19 days ago, Courtney Marsh
KC Chiefs Monday! Wear the gear. Bring the vibe!
21 days ago, Terry Moeckel
JV wrestling results from Chapman: C. Klein, C. Stiffler 1st; B. Lonberger, A. Larson 2nd; G. Baringer, B. Johnson 3rd. #LionPride
21 days ago, Courtney Marsh
Wrestling will be live streamed on Team1Sports Beloit Trojan Channel
24 days ago, Terry Moeckel
HS wrestling dual @ Beloit this evening starting at 6:30pm! Beloit will be serving a baked potato bar prior to competition! Go lions!
24 days ago, Ryan Mortimer
Junior high and high school wrestling pictures will be taken on Wednesday, February 14th starting during 8th hour. #LionPride
24 days ago, Courtney Marsh
MJSHS staff enjoying amazing cookies by a the talented Mrs. Bailey.
26 days ago, Terry Moeckel
MHS ladies defeat Ellsworth 54-31.
26 days ago, Terry Moeckel
Minneapolis will host the NCAA League Band tonight. Top instrumental performers from all league schools will perform at MJSHS auditorium at 7 pm.
27 days ago, Terry Moeckel
J. Abell 4th at Phillipsburg 138 lbs. #LionPride
29 days ago, Courtney Marsh
B. Peters 3rd at Phillipsburg 126 lbs. #LionPride
29 days ago, Courtney Marsh
C. Johnson 2nd at Phillipsburg 120 lbs. #LionPride
29 days ago, Courtney Marsh
A. Larson 3rd at Phillipsburg JV 126 lbs. #LionPride
29 days ago, Courtney Marsh
B. Lonberger 2nd at Phillipsburg JV 120lbs. #LionPride
29 days ago, Courtney Marsh