New Teachers, Fresh Ideas

When Addie Billinger joined the MHS faculty in 2018, she brought fresh ideas to engage students.  Assigned to teach English III, she found an Escape Room challenge to help review the concepts in The Crucible.  She lent this lesson plan to Mrs. Clark so that her English IIl class could complete the task too.

The tasks to “escape the hysteria,” including answering questions about plot and character, comparing the allegory of the Salem Witch Trials to the McCarthy Era as the playwright Arthur Miller intended, and reading and answering questions about a modern-day example of mass hysteria.  

Ms. Billinger also teaches freshman English and journalism.  Her enthusiasm and her innovative teaching methods have encouraged students to challenge themselves and to think more critically.  Reflecting on her experience at MHS, Billinger says, “I feel right at home. MHS has an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, and I really appreciate having great co-workers and students.”