Summit Q & A: Why is grading changing anyway?

Question: Why is grading changing? How will this new approach to grading help my student?


Grades show the competencies that students have developed, as well as their growth. At Summit Learning, we want grades to reflect the fact that students will be growing and improving in their abilities throughout the year:


  • Mastery learning and skills-based grading are a shift from traditional grading. Summit Learning grades are based in what students can demonstrate they have learned. Grades are calculated based on a combination of performance on Cognitive Skills in Projects or Math Concepts in Units, and an understanding of content in Power Focus Areas.

  • In the past, students were able to obtain high grades by just participating in class, doing their homework, and studying last minute to pass tests.

  • Students now have to master the content and the skills necessary for higher level thinking for success after high school.