October Character Awards

Students at Minneapolis Grade School (MGS) are working extra hard to show great character.  The names of MGS students receiving Character Awards during October were added to "Pride Wall."  They also received certificates and recognition in ZOOM format in front of the entire student body.  These students make MGS Proud!  

Due to the number of awards given, three pictures were taken.

Grade 3-6 Student:   Jaylee Abell, Sarai Ausherman, Kavyan Barreras, Molly Blake, Sarah Bradshaw, Layton Christensen, Brody Doering, Easton Donovan, Ty Flax, Sara Goheen, Mikayla Hamilton, John Heckart, Berklee Hessman, Rylin Johnson, Charlie Klein, Leena Larson, Arizona Leisey, Tye Malmberg, Matton Main, Mattox Main, William McKain, Alex Metzger,Colbey Miller,  Mayson Nagel, Mackley Newhouse, Justus Pickrell, Keynan Peet, Colyer Rensink, Madison Ringquist, Elin Shaft, Kemper Smith, Madex Swisher, and Brecken Weatherman

Grade K-2 Students:   Easton Blake, Laura Belle Blake , Brantley Copple, Taylor Cossaart, Stephanie DeLaCruz, Austin Doering, Treyson Donovan, Kathleen Gawith, Makayla Gawith, Adalyn Harris, Asher Harris, Keefer Hauck, AddaLynn Kendall, Kade Kiser, Evelyn Koelling, Aden Lundberg, Lexie Meitler, Lucy Morris, Lizzie Morrison, Isla Orth, Quinnley Ptacek, Chloe Piper, Chloe Rontti, Sofia Rontti, Paige Shaft, Madilyn Sjolander, Kynlee Svitak, Rowan Swisher, Riley Tuttle, Grant Wanzer, Dracon Weis, and Zeke Wilson

Not Pictured:  Aidan Biggs, Kaitlynn Fruits, Bentley Hauck, Ryan Thomas, and Chloe Williams