Research done by Summit Learning and the ACT are very similar in findings and both agree on the importance of the four skills mentioned in the video below. The video is the development of a holistic framework that provides a more complete description of education and work readiness. Development of this framework was based on research conducted at ACT over the last fifty years, emerging knowledge in this area, a comprehensive review of relevant theory, education and work standards, empirical research, input from experts in the field, and a variety of other sources. During the review, it became clear that a holistic framework for education and work readiness should include knowledge and skills in at least four broad domains: core academic skills, cross-cutting capabilities, behavioral skills, and education and career navigation skills. The research evidence presented throughout the report supports the notion that all four of these broad domains are important for understanding academic and workplace success. The report also begins to build an integrated view of education and work readiness and provides some examples of how these domains and their specific constructs relate to important outcomes. A better understanding of how these domains work together has implications for understanding readiness and for providing students with better, more meaningful feedback. To read the research behind the framework please click here. RESEARCH