MGS Students Spread Kindness
MGS Students Spread Kindness
Dianna VanEaton
Friday, February 15, 2019

For their latest Project Based Learning activity, Mrs. Abell's FLC class is spreading kindness throughout the school.  Students in each class at Minneapolis Grade School created a kindness link that was joined to their classmates' links.  Then each classroom brought their completed chain to the Valentine Assembly on February 14th, and these smaller chains were linked together to make one long chain that stretched the length of the gym.  The chain of links represents how kindness can be spread when everyone does their part.  While the chain was being put together, Mrs. Lonberger gave the following reasons why it is important to be kind:

  • Each person can make a difference - Words, energy and light have the potential to impact other lives in so many ways.  Don't take that power lightly.  BE KIND.
  • It feels good to be kind -    A quote by Robert Ingersoll states that "We rise by lifting others".  We need to take time to practice acts of kindness and raise somebody up who needs your support.  BE KIND.
  • Small actions can have far-reaching consequences - Being kind can cause a ripple effect that reaches the masses, so BE KIND.
  • Kindness is contagious - When people are in in the presence of kindness, they can't help but feel joyful.
  • Just because - We don't need a reason............JUST BE KIND!